A PHOTOSHOOT WITH MARU for Yese Studio, Calchera and 0711

What a day! Here is an overview of the photoshoot day we organized with our lovely girl Maru Hourmilongue.

Maru is from Argentina and she is a real globetrotter, traveling all over the world as a model.   

Luckily she chose our beautiful country to spend her summer and when she came by Milan we couldn’t choose anyone but her for the shoot. We love working with her because she embodies the spirit of Art Luxury in full force, being unique, fresh and precious.

Of course she is gorgeous and very fun, so she is the perfect face to give light to the brands we represent:


This brand is a true gem: it’s exceptional both in quality and in look. The Elizabeth bag is their best seller, but we have a soft spot for the Cris Bag, here in the color Dust Blue. Yese Studio is an un-and-coming brand, and is definitely here to stay.



“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens” as states a famous saying. Calchera is brand of made in Italy jewelry, we could’t not include these beauties in our selection.


0711 Tsiblisi

We could not find a brand more sophisticated and beautifully made bag brand. 0711 handbags are handmade in Georgia and are the ultimate accessories for a chic look. Love some pearls, love some satin fabric, love the gold details.


Many thanks to Maru for her good vibes and we hope you love the selection we especially made for this shoot!