Chinese New Year themed shooting w/ GaGà Milano and Coco D'Este

In occasion of Chinese New Year, ALPR set up a themed shooting celebrating Chinese culture and the New Lunar Year Festival.

For brands loved by Chinese customers is important to show care and recognition for local tradition and culture. It allows brands to develop a closer relationship with their target and build a bond that overcomes merely commercial boundaries.

Since Coco D'Este renewed its image and design, the Chinese market has been central in its sales strategy, and Chinese consumers immediately showed interest and love for the brand. What better occasion than this to demonstrate gratitude to them?

When talking about Chinese New Lunar Year, there is one element that cannot miss: the color red. But also the traditional red envelopes, delicious food and spring couplets.

The shoot was a colorful, vibrant parade with decorative costumes. 

GaGà Milano took part as well, with its quirky, oversize and innovative watches. Even though the Chinese market is dynamic and constantly changing, the roots of culture remain strong. Acknowledging them is a sign of respect and appreciation.

GaGà Milano has been grateful and appreciative of China for many years now, opening stores in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan and Guiyang.

The brand is also an official sponsor of Keisuke Honda Children Soccer School in Shanghai, China. A demonstration that the roots of the relationship between Gagà Milano and the nation are strong and long lasting.