Art Luxury is a Milan based fashion studio and showroom specialized in the European and Chinese market.

Our extensive experience in both sales and business consulting allows us to serve excellently both brands and buyers.



Art Luxury Milano acts as a mediator between brands and retailers providing an entry strategy to new markets.

Our resources are located all over the world, mainly in Japan, Italy, Korea and China.

We offer multiple services, including:

  • Content creation
  • Managing Official Weibo accounts
  • Articles in publishing media
  • Digital PR and influencer marketing: brand launch conference, brand promotion and product sales.
  • Business and product consulting: online and offline sales, after-sales and shipment services.

Our team is specialized in developing brand awareness in the Chinese market for brands that are new to this country.

We support our brands by boosting their sales and offering a direct and concrete outlook of the Chinese market. We can rely on a trustworthy association of buyers (Buyers’ Shop) to promote the brands’ products.

Our success comes with the brands’ success.




Via Paolo da Cannobio 2, 20122 Milano MI