「BOUNDLESS」 Art Exhibition

Art is a language that transcends national boundaries. We yearn for a diverse world without spatial, cultural, artistic, or occupational limitations, where fashion and art blend seamlessly. In this boundless exchange, we seek to discover new spirits of our time, sparking a thought-provoking dialogue and collision of ideas rooted in multiculturalism and artistic trends.
「Boundless」is an art exchange exhibition jointly organized by 27
Chinese and European artists with Cai Wanlin who is a famous Chinese representative artist/collector.
This art talk series "Boundless" is the continuation project organized by community CHAO. This art dialogue will be the first episode of this project, it will continue the series of the first episode in the further future to have dialogues with other artists.
"Boundless" will continue as a series of projects of CHAO and global art communicate with each other. Here we will provide opportunities for artists such as abroad galleries /art exhibitions/ art cooperation/ art sales etc,. art platform of resources. CHAO will continuously create different catalogs with artists from the world and creating a unique art space for all people who into art.
Special thanks to @dalmasovini @hoaagroup @goude.art_1 @alprcommunication