Art Luxury is a new type of collection showroom that integrates online and offline boutiques, live streaming rooms, and fashion communities. Our showroom offers a one-stop shopping experience and is a pioneer in the layout and development of designer brands in the Chinese market.


In our showroom, you can find luxury brand accessories, including eyeglasses from Chanel, Celine, Gucci, and belts from Ferragamo. Our success comes with the brands’ success.

 Our team is specialized in developing brand awareness in the Chinese market for fashion brands.

Art Luxury Milano supports brands by boosting their sales and offering a direct and concrete outlook of the Chinese market. We can rely on a trustworthy association of buyers (Concept stores and Buyers’ Shop) to promote the brands’ products.


We are also the pioneers in successfully promoting designer brands like GCDS, By Far, and more in the Chinese market, providing consumers with the latest and most fashionable designer brands.

We also support the incubation of emerging designer brands, such as YESE STUDIO, helping them to build their sales ecosystems in China from scratch. We have a rich network of private domain channel resources, including over 10,000 personal shoppers, partnerships with major distributors, boutiques, and group-buying resources, ensuring that we can provide consumers with the best shopping experience.

We also work closely with e-commerce platforms such as Secoo, poison, Taobao, and more, ensuring that we can provide consumers with the latest and best quality e-commerce supplier resources.

We have trustworthy and long-lasting cooperation with several Chinese retailers including:

1.ShangHai/HangZhou/ShenZhen/Taobao LookNow
2.HangZhou/Taobao Evenbuyer
3.Taobao/Tmall/JD Xiangyun
4.ShangHai/Taobao Zuoxi
5.ShangHai/Taobao/T-MALL Dereve
7.Taobao Pisces Moon
8.Chengdu/Taobao Missme
9.Nanchang/T-mall Xingpan
10.ChongQing WuZao 
12.NanJing Yvonnne Y 
13. JiLin Buzhuo Studio
14.ShanXi Hélin
15.HangZhou ARAY
16.HangZhou LIKALAB

We are currently collaborating with prestigious multi-brand boutiques in Italy such as: G&B, VINICIO, CORTESI, MONZONI, WISE, TESSABIT ECC.

At Art Luxury, our mission is to bring the best luxury and designer brands to Chinese consumers and create a new milestone for fashion and luxury in the Chinese market. Whether you're looking for stylish accessories or the latest and most fashionable designer brands, we can provide you with the best choices and services.



Via Paolo da Cannobio 2, 20122 Milano MI

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Cell. +39 3773997666



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