The state of the fashion industry in November 2020

The annual research of Altagamma, which is a foundation that supports Italian excellence in the luxury business, pinpoints the changes pushed by the pandemic in our field.
In particular, what caught our attention was the fact that one imperative factor for surviving this emergency situation is considering that “the product per se, will lose its centrality. The focus has to change from the object to the message”, hence brands must integrate manufacturing with broadcasting.

There are some themes that will be essential in the brand discourse: first of all sustainability and diversity. The direction is clear, only the brands that will be able to talk heart to heart with their customers are going to survive.

Communicating brand values is not obvious, it requires strategy, professionalism, experience.

We, at Art Luxury PR, strive to offer to our clients a personalized and well studied plan, preserving the brand DNA and its value, enhancing at the same time their best assets.

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