You are who you are - #VImakeupdreamup

Vogue Italia took advantage of the Digital Beauty Week to launch its project on contemporary beauty. The aim is to invite its community to talk about beauty as an expression of oneself and not as a synonym of symmetry, harmony and conformity to socially built standards.

Nowadays, the subject of toxicity generated by unrealistic expectations pushed by society, especially on women, is more and more addressed by influencers, inclusive brands and magazines. We can say that the process of deconstructing this concept, has now reached a good point, touching every industry: photografy, art, film industry, not just fashion.

We often see #nofilter faces of instagram and excessive photoshop is seldom demonized. We're entering in an age where is more important being than appearing and this can be assumed by the spasmodic search of realistic and true content on social networks. On vlogs, people love content they can relate with, distancing more and more from artificial and fake videos.

Art Luxury PR stands with this concept, supporting uniqueness and a new kind of aesthetics. The concept of beauty has evolved absorbing more inclusive standards.

Our choice is to create a network of special brands, different in values, mission and vision, but all directed to their specific public. Every consumer is different, has its own personality and style. It's important that everybody finds pieces they feel comfortable in, truly connecting with their true self.

You are who you are! Support emerging brands, new labels and be your true self.



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