0711 Tsiblisi bags stole our heart. A romantic, girly and sophisticated collection that will steal yours too!


0711 is a Georgia based brand, founded by Nino Eliava and Ani Mokia, two badass girls who take care of the whole process: it's a two women's show! Nino is the creative soul of the brand, while Ani takes care of the business side and the marketing.

The name of the brand is originated merging the favorite numbers of the founders and the home city where the headquarter is based: Tsiblisi - in Georgia.

The Art Luxury Team carefully selected some pieces of the gorgeous Resort 2020 collection. 


The models that most caught our eyes are the Esmeralda Bucket Bags, the Pearl St. Barts Purse and Tako Tote Bag.

These handbags have a fine aesthetics, that can turn a plain look in a fancy and sophisticated one. But they also perfectly complement more refined evening attires.

However, the best selling and signature models are the Nino Tote Bags. We've seen them everywhere, on Instagram influencers, on bloggers, on celebrities. So here they are.


0711 Tsiblisi can rely on a traditional manufacturing network, composed of elderly women in Georgia that hand-weave the products with a manual technique. But also new materials and innovative knitting methods in organic glass and plywood frames have been introduced to keep up with the modern and always changing market and refined tastes.

We hope you'll love this brand as much as we do, happy shopping! ❤️