YESE STUDIO exhibition - "YESE As Seen By"

YESE STUDIO in cooperation with ALPR (the PR division of Art Luxury Milano) held the exhibition "YESE As Seen By", designed by the art director Cristiano Rizzo.

It took place from 5 to 10 February 2021 in Milan, in the ALPR venue and was aimed to convey the culture of the brand, its inspiration, selection of materials and the various cooperations with contemporary artists including Giulia Gentilcore and Giacomo Monza.

The YESE As Seen By exhibition consisted of four different display installations, in which art incorporates with culture. In the first space the guests could appreciate the minimalistic, yet well thought, and architectonic lines of the bags, highlighted by their abstract representations.

In the sustainability corner can be appreciated the steps the brand is taking towards environmental protection. In particular the introduction of degradable corn foam in big packaging, instead of plastic and the use of care products that elongate the life of the bag.

The exhibition got interactive in the laboratory hub, where the visitors could experiment with a hand-made step of the production process: painting the corners of the raw leather, but also handle the bag patterns and molds.

YESE stands for YES for Everyone, because "we want to be versatile both from the point of view of the occasion of use and the customer. The biggest challenge is to make our products appreciated not only from a commercial point of view but also from an artistic and experiential point of view. For this reason, in addition to the bags we have imagined and created the MOOD line, which includes small leather goods, plates decorated with a unique pattern of our own creation and, recently, an editorial publication focused on the theme of nature and the relationship between man and landscape." said the collective.