The Gagà Milano MFW New Product Launch Event - February 10th

On February 10th a private event was held in one of the most fashionable street of Milan via Della Spiga: the Gagà Milano MFW New Product Launch Event.

On this occasion, Gagà Milano launched its first Men's Clothing Collection, broadening its product offer of Luxury Watches.

Welcome to Gagà Milano's world. It is an extraordinary place, a laboratory full of imagination, watchmaking art and a perfect union of genius and passion.

"GaGà" it's a Milanese expression, used in the 50s to describe a certain esthetics: refined, but unusual, with a touch of of irony and elegance in fashion, unveiled by the extreme attention to details. The CEO of the company Ruben Tomella embodies for sure this modus vivendi.

The Gagà Milano watches have an extremely original design, also because the purpose of the brand is not to follow fashion trends, but to crate new ones. And also to leave behind moderation and to go back to the roots through a strong chromatic confrontation and layered patchworks. Gagà Milano watches have their own personality and are created to free those who wear them, from urban community's repression.

Gagà Milano launched a clothing line, following the watchmaking produce, by combining the DNA of the brand and its original design concepts, with the adoption of carefully selected materials and innovative tech solutions. Each clothing piece allows to re-evaluate the meaning and the value of one's existence. This collection is aimed not only to satisfy a sense of esthetics and comfort, but also to engage in critical self-analysis.

The special guests of the night were the rappers AME, WAREZ, AXOS and the guitarist PAPA V.

 A special thank you to the models Yves Gaetan and Felippe Vier for joining us.