YESE STUDIO - The origins of the Aya Bag

When looking at YESE STUDIO's Aya Bag there is only one possible reaction: "WOW!"

This is the handbag that first caught the eye of the senior buyer of Art Luxury Milano and pulled the trigger on the collaboration with the YESE STUDIO's brand.

The Aya Bag is a staple piece, an original creation born from the creative mind of YESE STUDIO's designer who had a clear vision in his head. The key word of this project is "spawn".

Spawn /spɔːn/ noun. (of a fish, frog, mollusc, crustacean, etc.) release or deposit eggs.

This concept brought inspiration and was explored by the Italian artist Cristiano Rizzo. The synergic work of the gifted artist and the creatives of the YESE brand, gave life to 4 clever illustrations that exposed the core of the idea.

Admired and craved by many fashionistas, the original egg-shaped bag is a must have in a wardrobe of original pieces. As a unique and unconventional accessory, the Aya Bag by YESE STUDIO is already a collector's item.

Combining two-tone models and soft colors (Foggy Blue & Pink) with crocodile prints and colors with strong character (Amazone & Black), there is a range able to satisfy everyone.

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